Solo Show Nick Veasey

April 15 - July 31, 2020

In the past 13 years, Nick Veasey has scanned over 4000 objects with X-rays, allowing us to “see things as they really are”. His artworks are exposed in major international collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum of London, Pushkin museum of Moscow or Taipei contemporary art museum. Today, we are proud to present his work at the gallery, until June 30th.


March 5 - April 15, 2020

At the time Nikon is launching its famous Film Festival, we too wanted to put the spotlight on photography. Landscapes as far as the eye can see, richly decorated interiors, heights and depths... are so many settings that can be enhanced by simply triggering the small black box. From March 5 to April 15, come and admire the prowess of our photographers, constantly in search of new techniques to sublimate their subjects.

Poetic Portraits

January 16 - Feburary 20, 2020

This month, we will be exhibiting the aerial yet profound works of three artists whose portraits are full of poetry. The feathered portraits of our new artist Marie-Ange Daudé are an ode to femininity. Peter Hoffer's works pay homage to trees and their majesty. Finally, Hanna Sidorowicz evokes our vulnerability through her vaporous portraits.

Beyond Reality

October 21 - November 30, 2019

After their dazzling success at the Art Elysées fair, we are exhibiting the works of our artists who like to play with our perception of reality. It is hard to believe that Jeff Robb's lenticular photographs do not come out of the frame, or that Cécile Plaisance's models are static. It is also difficult to discern that Jan Kaláb's colours are flat on his canvases or that Didier Fournet's kaleidoscopic vibrations are not a real scene.

In this fall season, we all need to be amazed and escape from the daily routine: don't miss visiting the gallery until November 30!

Line & colour

September 12 - October 15, 2019

The summer holidays are over and we are craving for art that transcends form, appeals to our emotions and allows us to forget for a moment the reality of the visible world. Therefore, for the first time, we are organizing an exhibition exclusively dedicated to abstract art.

Come celebrate the geometry and polychromy of the works of three of our artists, whom you will have the opportunity to meet at the opening on Thursday, September 12.

Let Marcel Ceuppens -- who made the trip from New York for the occasion -- explain how design from the 1950s has influenced his red, black and blue paintings. If you don't already know Nicolas Dubreuille, a regular at the gallery, he will be happy to present his works and how he layers colours. Vinça Monadé will reveal in addition to her collage work around fragmentation and colour, a new series of ceramic sculptures.

There is no doubt that you, in turn, will crave for some abstraction.

Solo show Cécile Plaisance

July 2 - July 31, 2019

After its major retrospective at the Erarta Museum in St. Petesburg, we are pleased to present you Cecile Plaisance's solo show until July 31th.

Discovered by our gallery 7 years ago, Cecile Plaisance is a feminist photographer who has placed women at the heart of her artistic work since the beginning. Her goal is to break codes and liberate morals through her lenticular images and recently her sculptures.

First under the effigy of the famous Barbie whom she dresses and undresses while having fun with her feminity, she then photographs living models to denounce the religious precepts established with her new series "Fuck the rules".

Cecile Plaisance maintains her provocative and free side in France and abroad, notably with her immense success at numerous international fairs.

Entre deux mondes

June 5 - June 29, 2019

Through our new exhibition, our artists invite you to travel between two worlds ; from Didier Fournet's vibrant city to Edouard Buzon's personal travel diary.
Didier Fournet continues his quest for time, and brings us with him from Brazil to New York. His meticulous work shows us the city from the perspective of his digital Hasselblad and his countless collages.
Edouard Buzon offers you a story with several chapters paved with wild animals, cities and silhouettes. He invites you to create your own story and travel in turn.

Solo show Silvia Calmejane

April 17 - May 31, 2019

After her retrospective at the Museum of Gajac in Villeneuve sur Lot, we have the pleasure of inviting you to Silvia Calmejane's Solo Show. The artist will present her latest creations, paintings, totems, sculptures and will dedicate her first book. Silvia Calmejane is a free artist. Her artworks convey universal messages of peace, tolerance, love and hope, aspiring to see humanity finally change. Pleasure and game are the driving forces of her creation. Painted colors, pastels and felts match and transcribe the mystery of humankind with its strengths and flaws. The characters are painted on a flourishing nature, thus questioning our presence in the world and our becoming. Their nudity expresses our desire for freedom. The mixed medium used, wood and plexiglass, gives her work a double reading, a striking depth and an intense light. Delicate artworks that challenge us as much as they soothe us.

Color Power

 January 16 - February 9, 2019

This exhibition brings together Tony Soulié and Park Byung-Hoon.
In his new artworks, Tony Soulié paints his "daily flowering" by questioning the essence of painting, wishing to move away from the image that he considers "now an overly technological one". Park Byung-Hoon's work is based on color and transparency. The pursuit of transparency is showed not only in the choice of material-acrylic and glass- but also in the expression of three primitive color tones creating both an industrial and natural meaning.

Set of lines

October 15 - December 31, 2018

In search of their own aesthetic ideal, these three photographers capture the graphic lines building their respective environments. The urban vibrations of Didier Fournet's photographs respond to the serenity of the snow-covered landscapes of Mikael Lafontan's new Baikal serie. As for Reinhard Görner, he succeeds in capturing the elegance, all in symmetry, of the Paris libraries.

Solo show Nicolas Dubreuille

31 August - 15 October, 2018

Nicolas Dubreuille's new works.
Master of illusion and transparency, Nicolas Dubreuille plays with colours, reliefs and materials. Between abstraction and figuration, the artist multiplies the techniques and supports within his drawings, paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Baikal, new series by Mikael Lafontan

July 8 - August 31, 2018

Discover Mikael Lafontan's latest series, our Franco-Swedish photographer immerses us in the heart of Siberian immaculate landscapes and cracked glaciers.

Havana by Jean-François Rauzier

May 31 - June 30, 2018

We are very pleased to welcome our new artist, the photographer Jean-François Rauzier. His last hyperphotos in Havana draws up a temporal, surrealist and urban fresco of the Cuban myth. His worlds are enriched with mutiple figures and references from the artist's cultural pantheon. Rauzier's digital artistic compositions are an invitation to dreamlike, surrealist and timeless universes. 

Vues de l'Esprit

April 12 – May 31, 2018

"Vue de l'esprit",  the relationship between look and knowledge. What do we really see ? Can we look beyond the appearances ?

Three artists are honored : The photographer Didier Fournet. His series "Vibrations" plays with the boundaries of visible and audible by transforming landscapes into sound waves. Nemo Jantzen works the ideas of depth and reality through his portraits, which are a constellation of other scenes or an assembly of wires. The portrait is not only the reflection of a form, but also the mirror of a mind. Reinhard Gorner, with his monumental photographs of libraries, suggests a real staging of the richness of the mind, revealed by the colossal architecture of the place.

"Keep on Moving" with Peter Keizer

March 02 - March 31, 2018

We are delighted to welcome back Peter Keizer this month. His artworks perfectly announce Spring in a very colorful and flowered mood. These new compositions are a work on textures, thus Keizer's approach on painting is almost sculptural. Thanks to this play on reliefs and colours, the material comes to life in a sweet and sensual way.

Cecile Plaisance - When Barbie is brought to life

December 10, 2017 – January 15, 2018

The lenticular prints of Cecile Plaisance became even more impressive ever since she changed from Barbies to real models. The series is a hymn to femininity and shows the different facets of a woman. After all, women aspire beyond cultures, clothes and life paths to live their multiple lives fully and intensely.

Dreaming New York

September 04 - November 04, 2017

The new body of work presented by photographer Jean-Michel Berts invites us to an exciting journey to the city of New York - dreamy and poetic, caught at the sunset or by night, where live vanilla sky, warm-colored buildings and the unique atmosphere created with the help of the sophisticated techniques of the artist's camera.

Reinhard Gorner: new libraries

June 15 - July 29, 2017

We are happy to present new photographic works by Reinhard Gorner.
The artist continues exploring ancient libraries - this time those from Czech Republic, Germany and Spain.

Solo Show: Karen Nicol

March 15 - May 31, 2017

This month we are excited to announce the solo exhibition of Karen Nicol, our new artist from Britain. A Graduate from the Royal College Academy of London and than a teacher, Karen has already received recognition for her unique designer talent and creative approach to the textiles and embroidery. Using a different range of materials the artist gives birth to imaginary personages, interpreting the animal world in a sweet and curious manner. Come to discover Karen’s work in our gallery, for the first time in France!

Peter Keizer solo show

January 10 - February 18, 2017

Our very first 2017 opening show will be  focus on Peter Keizer.
At once both magnificient and absurd, Peter Keizer's work is about a world where only positive feelings arise: full of flowers, trees, mountainous landscapes and dogs. His themes are closely connected to childhood memories; as if time had turned his memories into idealized , colorful works of art. The thick oil paint is mostly used directly out of the tube, and gives a sculptural aspect to the paintings: thus enhancing the presence of the colours. "Lie on the grass and look up to the trees, if you have a young mind, you'll see what I painted" - Peter Keizer says.


November 4 - December 22, 2016

We are awaiting for you in the gallery to make you discover our new exhibition « Illusion ». It brings Byung-Hoon and Nathalie Cohen together. You will be transported into poetic worlds where delicate lines, abstract and transparency are sensitively mixed up.

Back to classics

September 16 - October 29, 2016

New exhibition in September!
Hanna Sidorowicz's latest drawings, sketches and paintings. Also featured alongside Hanna's work our well-know map folder artist Elisabeth Lecourt. She has created a new series of watercolors and portraits just for you to admire at our gallery.

Solo Show: Edouard Buzon

May 31 - July 23, 2016

Come to our gallery to discover the new artworks from the French artist Edouard Buzon. Through soft colours, you will be transported into the artist's fantasy and poetic universe.

Women First

March 8 - May 16 2016

K+Y give pride of place to two women artists, Yanne Kintgen and Nathalie Cohen. They distinguish themselves thanks to a universe specific to them. Yanne expresses numerous aspects of her personality through her multiple talents: photos, sculptures, paintings or still drawings. She immerses the spectator into the troubles of our society by approaching current subjects. Nathalie Cohen dedicates herself to the kinetic art. Movement, collaboration and dynamism are the key words of the artist. The spectator becomes then an actor of the works.

When East meets West

January 13 - February 27, 2016

Varnish, resin, cracks, wood, sanding, acrylic, layers, tribute to art history, hommage to high level of mastering ancient technique....
To start 2016 we have selected two talented artists Peter Hoffer a Canadian painter based in Berlin and Kwang-Bum Jang from South Korea.
How can we actually see that time goes while looking at a painting?
This is a major interrogation for our artists.

Kwang-Bum says "we can only feel the past after its dispersal and after its runaway, because we can never touch, suspend or stop the present. Past is actually the only time we can outline." Indeed past is the product of accumulation and degradation of time, which is exactly what Jang's artistic creation is about : conceiving layers then destroying them by sanding them to finally show through the runaway of their prints and shapes.
Come and have look to his work which converse amazingly with Peter's!

Photography, gun and library

October 10 - December 10, 2015

This month's show is dedicated to photography! Discover our photographers Peter Andrew and Derek Blais as well as Reinhard Görner.

Peter Andrew and Derek Blais are young yet very promising duo, their ongoing series capture handguns of the world in extreme detail. The Point Blank project is a photographic ode to Robert Longo's body hammers charcoal drawings. Their four-handed work hit the target of this new exhibition!

While Peter and Derek reveal worldwide guns, libraries are ideal hunting ground for Reinhard Görner. Görner's pictures convey both width and intimacy, depth and mystery.
We are beckoned to follow Görner's eye into a space of tranquility.

New vision - new reality !

May 5 - June 30, 2015

As we are move by Art, our 2 talented female artists have decided to play with us and you! Discover Susila Baley-Bond: her work emerges between design, sculptural collage of bold graphic art which is obscured by the insertion of thousands of tiny clear tubes. Her Paper cut works with Butterflies present a celebration of colour and pattern as decorative repeated forms of butterflies or spots and drip in all directions. Susila is based in London and has been selected in many international shows.
Cecile Plaisance is our utterly famous Barbie photographer, we promote her work since we discover her 3 years ago, come and discover her brand new lens photos of Barbie so you do not miss the different poses! You would be suprised to notice how they look!

Patrick Smith & Nemo Jantzen

March 7 - April 25, 2015

As a critical observer of the unstable relationship between the environment and its inhabitants, Patrick Smith initiated his series "Leisure Territories" where the natural environment reveals how our society secularly designs landscape to fit our requirements.
Meanwhile Nemo Jantzen has consistently explored the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image soaked contemporary environment.
His works depict a narrative of cinematographic illusion, intimacy, and beauty; challenging the traditional figurative pieces from earlier works with a consistent act of voyeurism and the essence of privacy.

2015's new artists : Miguel Vallinas & Kwang Bum Jang

January 13 - February 28, 2015

Kwang-Bum Jang artworks are intensively delicate as well as amazingly powerful. Surprisingly, Kwang succeeds in capturing time. Then, Miguel Vallinas presents 'Second Skin' with the intent to find the animal in all of us. At a different level, both artists give us another interpretation of reality.

Solo show Edouard Buzon

September 20 - November 15, 2014

Edouard Buzon worked hard during this summer to deliver his newest urban and colorful visionary paintings.
As usual, the shinny finish is expected and utterly amazing!
We look forward to welcoming you!

Summer Show

 May 14 - July 19, 2014

Women first! This exhibition is about women, discover the latest works of our three artists: Cecile Plaisance, Renaud Delorme and the first time as Jeffrey Palladini artist from California.

Bibliothèques Intérieures

March 13- April 19, 2014

We are happy to present you a new artist, Niemand, and new works of Hanna Sidorowicz David Gista and Reinhard Gorner, on the theme "Libraries".

Solo Show : Cécile Plaisance

 January 6 - February 28, 2014

Through its shameless Barbies, Cécile Plaisance gives a new dimension to the idol of our childhood and makes us discover a Barbie that dresses and undresses by the gaze through a particular process: the lenticular print.

Solo Show : Peter Keizer

september 18 - october 31, 2013 

For his very first exhibition in Paris, Peter Keizer expands his universe through paintings, bronze or ceramic sculptures. Done with a light touch and freshness, and really pure but effective design and vivid colours as we can see his tulip vases or flowers paintings, his work doesn't spare "naive art" but as always Peter's paintings are full of irony, humour and love for the insignificant and trivial things.


June 15 - July 20, 2013

Cecile Plaisance's barbie dolls are facing the abstract paintings by Henrietta Dubrey. Together they contribute to give an unexpected and spectacular show!
2 worlds, 2 different media, 2 women artist with only one goal: to sublimate the Women.
Cecile Plaisance wants to bring Barbie to our contemporary world and merge that famous doll to the women of our time with her feminity and the capacity to live many lives. A tribute to all women we know with Cecile humour!
Henrietta on the other hand, will deconstruct and rebuild the body. It is her idea and fantasy of the women: sometimes Muse, bossy or even childish.
Women have always been an inspiration in Art, come and visit our great show to celebrate (together) art and life!

Solo show: Yanne Kintgen / LANDSCAPE MINDSCAPE

March 27 - May 4, 2013

With her brand new paintings, Yanne Kintgen show us once again how much
she loves exploring the complexity of our behaviours and feelings.
Twigs, branches, climbers ... all those ramifications have turned into
circuits, synapses, complex connections of our neuronal network.
"Green hell or lost paradise, phobia or enthralling myth? The visible
ambiguity of this world reveals (to) the passing-by the hidden features
of his soul."

Solo Show : Elisabeth Lecourt

January 26 - February 23, 2013

Lecourt's art is one of disclosure. Works ranging from story-telling, drawing, installation, painting, embroidered handkerchiefs and sculpture take cue from personal events in the artist's life. Within "Les Robes Géographiques", Lecourt treats her use of maps as a "rubbing" of the body and soul. The physical manifestation of personal thoughts is a key aspect of Lecourt's work; using a range of materials to provoke and extract emotions. "I feel like a surgeon when I cut and shape a dress. As a material, paper is fragile in certain aspects, and strong in others. I like to fold and pleat the paper, I trust the material; it always does what you want it to do" - Elisabeth Lecourt

New exhibition : Mikael Lafontan

September 20 - October 25, 2012

The Franco-Swedish photographer presents his new pieces of artwork in this exhibition. Always fascinating, his new photographs depict fantastic landscapes and offer a very personal vision of Swedish or French forests.

Solo Show : Edouard Buzon

May 15 - June 30, 2012

The French artist Edouard Buzon presents a new series of work. His latest productions, developed from photographs of urban elements, influenced him to use new pigments and materials, such as lacquer. The dynamic effects produced by this combination enable the spectator to enter into the happy yet nostalgic personal world of the artist.

Inside and outside

March 20 - May 1, 2012

This exhibition presents a dialogue between two different types of work. On one hand, German photographer Reinhard Goerner, is fascinated by the geometric abstraction of the inside of public monuments. His work reveals to the spectator the multiplicity of playful patterns that these spaces offer. On the other hand, the work of the Canadian painter Peter Hoffer shows a taste for natural landscapes, especially for the pattern of a Palm that the artist treats with precision and realism giving the paintings an aspect of erstwhile photographs.