Philippe Berry

  • Hahaha bleu
  • Trois beaux ballons
  • Grand totem ballon
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  • Hahaha bleu
    Hahaha bleu
    Bronze, and colored silver coated
    29.5 x 15 x 9 in
    Edition de 8 ex + 4 AP
  • Trois beaux ballons
    Trois beaux ballons
    Bronze, aluminium and Nickel
    24 x 11 x 11 in
    Edition de 8 ex + 2 AP
  • Grand totem ballon
    Grand totem ballon
    Bronze, ex 4/8
    55 x 16 x 16 in
    Pièce unique
Philippe Berry is a French sculptor. He was born in Paris in 1956 where he still lives and works.
He studied at ESAF Penninghen, a French drawing school.
He worked first as a graphic illustrator for different textile houses and then as a model maker. After that he worked as an artistic director in different advertising agencies. From 1980-1984 he created posters for the cinema and stage sets. In 1984 he devoted himself entirely to his art.
In 1997 he exhibited in the Beaubourg Gallery and in Château Notre-Dame-Des-Fleurs in Vence.
He created sculptures for institutional and private orders like for the cinema Pathe in Marseille, in the Parc Paysager Des Docks in Saint Ouen and for the French embassy in Zimbabwe.
Through his works, Philippe wants to take us back to our childhood with balloons, teddy bears, Indians and cowboy figurines, snowmen and animals.
His favorite material for the sculptures is bronze. This material allows him to pursue his research on volumes and colors.
He took the inspiration from the antiquity period but succeeds to break the antiquity’s cold side by adding colors to his works.


« Jeux de ballons » Fondation Dana, France

Scope Miami
LA Art Show

« Senat », Paris, France
Bagatelle’s beach, Saint Tropez, France

Roy Sfeir Gallery, Paris, France
Gabel Biot Gallery, France
Colorfield Gallery, Paris, France
« Parc des Rosiers », Saint Ouen, France
« Eurosite Georges V », Paris, France

Sofitel, Brussels, Belgium
Commissioned to create an artwork for Saint Ouen’s Park « L’Arc En Ciel »

Guyot Gallery, Vence, France
Solo Show at Moulin de Mougins, France
« Parc de Rosiers », Saint Ouen, France
Le Strato, Courchevel, France

Personal exhibition at Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg, France
Personal exhibition at « Orangerie du Sénat » Paris, France

Personal exhibition at « Château de Laréole », Saint Bertrand de Comminges (30'000 visiteurs), Haute Garonne, France

Personal exhibition at Arsenal (23'000 visitors) Metz, France

Nuance et lumière Gallery, Lyon France
Crillon Hotel, Paris, France

Auction sales at Sotheby’s « Le Jardin secret de Pierre et Marianne Nahon », France
Musée des Art Derniers, Paris, France

FIAC, Paris

« TEFAF » Art Fair, Maastricht