Ronald Westerhuis

  • Speer, 2012
  • Circle of elements, 2015
  • Naked eye, 2015
  • Spike, 2011
  • Seven Sins, 2012
  • Sphere, 2014
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  • Speer, 2012
    Speer, 2012
    Stainless steal

    6 x 1,5 x 1,5 meters

  • Circle of elements, 2015
    Circle of elements, 2015
    Stainless steel

    200 x 30 cm
    78,7 x 11,8 in
  • Naked eye, 2015
    Naked eye, 2015
    Stainless steal

    1,5 meters in diameter

  • Spike, 2011
    Spike, 2011
    Stainless steel

    105 x 10 x 10 cm
    41,3 x 4 x 4 in
  • Seven Sins, 2012
    Seven Sins, 2012
    Stainless steel

    2,5 meters in diameter
    98,4 in in diameter

  • Sphere, 2014
    Sphere, 2014
    Stainless steal

    Around 3 meters in diameter

Born in Tiel, the Netherlands in 1971, Ronald lives in the Netherlands. After searching the world and seven years of travel, he started a career in the offshore industry. Daily, he was surrounded by oilrigs, heavy sculptures and massive pieces of stainless steel. A true love story began between steel and the artist. Since 2000, he has created international land art sculpture projects and numerous monumental steel sculptures. He works mainly in stainless steel and has been commissioned to create major land art project in Hardanger, Norway and Lankhorst, Netherlands.
All his works start with an initial design as simple as a sketch. Once he starts building, he uses the highest grade of stainless steel, which is type 3.16. After the first pieces have been cut, he welds the parts together and creates the shape of the sculpture. He does all the rough parts himself. It gives him the possibility to create the exact shape he has in mind. He builds sculptures as elements of positive energy on their surrounding. He explores lines, balance, gravity, finishing and new technics. His art today is the convergence of his experiences of living around the world from his earliest years.
Ronald built the sculptures in collaboration with the famous architect Daniel Libeskind and siemens, for world expo 2015 in Milan, always works well. These four, 10m high sculptures are replaced to Germany - Munich, Berlin, Erlangen and one of them will go back to Milan this year. Ronald is also very proud with the assignment for the national mh17 memorial (Malaysian airlines flight mh17 was a scheduled international flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down on 17 July 2014, killing 298 passengers on board), the memorial will be opened near by Schiphol airport on 17 July 2017. The building process is already started.


Context Art New York


MH17 Memorial, Netherlands
Siemens coöperation with Daniël Libeskind, Munich, Germany
Solo exhibition Energizer Project 2.0, The Hague, Netherlands
Mark Peet Visser, The Hague, Netherlands
Gerhard Braun Gallery, Mallorca, Spain
Art Vilnius, Lithuania
Art Cologne, Germany
Kunst Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ming Sahen duo exhibit on Luchungtao, Shanghai, China

River treasure public space sculpture, Zwolle, Netherlands
Mark Peet Visser, The Hague, Netherlands
Art Fair Keulen duo exhibition Jason Myers, Cologne, Germany
Museum de Fundatie expositie Fundation Fusions, Zwolle, Netherlands

Cruiming architects, Ziudhorn, Netherlands
Infoversum, Groningen, Netherlands
Sculpture Park, Dehullo Gees, Netherlands
Van Den Doel, Oisterwijk, Netherlands
Bogert Gallery, Knocke, Belgium
The Blue Platform, sculpture gallery, Qingdao, China

Anne-Cecile Noique Art, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
Broomhill Sculpture Park, Devon, England
Sculpture Park, Dehullo Gees, Netherlands
Solo show “RAWsome-the restrospective”, Shanghai, China

Floriade – World Horticultural Expo, Venlo, Netherlands
Studio Christian de Laubadère, Shanghai, China
Dutch Design Work Space, Dutch Week, Shanghai, China

Modern Art Museum “De Fundatie”, Zwolle, Netherlands
Art Nocturne Knocke, Knocke, Belgium
Art Chicago, USA
Biënnale Vught, Vught, Netherlands

World Expo, Shanghai, China
Kavachinina Contemporary, Miami, USA
Art Basel, Miami, USA
Hong Merchant, Shanghai, China

Keukenhof Park, Lisse, Netherlands
Kabuso Museum, Øystese, Norway
Skulpturen Giarten Funnix, Funnix, Germany

Groot Waterschap Salland, Zwolle, Netherlands
Object 07, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sculpture Park Le Besset, Ardeche, France
Broomhill Sculpture Garden, North Devon, England

Olympic Winter Games, Turino, Italy

Art Shanghai, China
Sculpture Park de Ulen, Gees, Netherlands

Olympic Summer Games, Athens, Greece
Van Greenen, Rijssen, Netherlands

Floriade World Garden Expo, Haarlem, Netherlands
Contemporary Art Museum, Zwolle, Netherlands


Private collection, Bayonne, France
Cruiming Architects, Zuidhorn, Netherlands
Infoversum, Groningen, Netherlands
Dutch Embassy China, Beijing, China
Modern Art Museum “De Fundatie”, Zwolle, Netherlands
Royal Dutch Shell, Amsterdam, Netherlands
SAS – Prince Albert of Monaco, Monaco
Pan Collection, Shanghai, China
Oma Taylor Russell, North Carolina USA
Wolfkamp collection, Hattem, Netherlands


Soroptimisten international Ladies Club

The Heineken with the Heart Auction

Fight aids Monaco, Princess Stephanie Foundation

Donation of sculpture to American Cancer Society

Right to play organisation